Demand response (or load response) provides end-use consumers with a great opportunity to reduce or shift their energy consumption during peak times in response to special time-based financial incentives or rates.

Demand response can enable your company to mitigate the strain on the energy delivery networks by tapping into existing infrastructure as a viable and efficient option to fully meet energy needs.


Given the inevitable seasonal spikes of prices in the wholesale energy market, and the frequent surges in the energy grid during electricity peak demand, reduction events can be effective in reducing the stress on the electric grid—unfortunately, these are rare. And that’s where we come in.

We don’t ask you to figure out a reduction solution on your own. From the onset, our energy experts work closely with you to design an electricity reduction strategy that will add value to your operations and protect the grid.


We use time-based rates such as real time pricing, critical peak pricing, time-of-use pricing, variable peak pricing, and critical peak rebates to compensate your business for the energy load moved.

Not only do our demand response programs have a reduced cost and shorter ramp-up period, they’re also environmentally friendly with essentially no emissions. RJ Consulting’s programs are your most ideal option for a demand response with absolutely NO risk and NO out of pocket expense.

We act as your agent, represent you in suitable demand response programs as well as help you ascertain the best strategy for your needs. With our Demand Response programs, you can stand ready as a last line of defense to those rare but dangerous electric crisis situations!

We use our market intelligence to predict a shortage in supply for expected energy demand, and design and implement a specific Reduction Action Plan to maximize your revenue.

Participation in our programs means cutting on your energy consumption when prices hit the roof, while retaining comprehensive wholesale rates to prevent blackouts and brownouts, while also helping take the inefficient polluting plants off the grid.

In short, you cut costs, generate revenue, and foster your sustainability contributions. What’s more, you don’t have to commit any more than what you are able to afford.

Consult with us today to establish the Demand Response that would be possible and helpful for your business.