When it comes to electricity prices, it’s all local.


More often than not, the Grid operators can accurately predict when wholesale prices in your local area will have a spike. Their prediction can mean great revenue potential for you and your company.

There are many established programs that aim to incentivize you into committing on short notice to reducing your electricity load or generating some additional load to export back into the Grid.

Obviously, the load you deliver will have to be certified and assembled through a qualified agent, usually referred to as a curtailment service provider (CSP), who also plays the role of a go-between for you and the RTO or ISO.

That would be RJ Consulting. We are knowledgeable and understand the ropes. With our direct experience in this field, we can take care of all the administrative tasks, saving you time, resources and the hassle.

We’ll also work closely with you to ensure you get maximum revenue from your investment in these programs without interfering with your day-to-day business operations. And there is no contract to make you commit your energy; also, you’ll be under no obligation to reduce any until that time you’ll be comfortable to do so.

Even for those businesses with irregular schedules, our programs offer great revenue opportunities and a bonus of some extra flexibility that accompanies it.