RJ Consulting is a leading expert in waste management and recycling, delivering long-term sustainable solutions for all your waste issues. We offer value-added and high quality waste management and recycling consulting services.

Our innovative and realistic solutions incorporate waste prevention, reuse, minimization, energy recovery, and recycling as well as final disposal with a focus on substantially reducing your waste and recycling disposal costs on a result oriented and risk-free basis.


With our winning combination of experience, creativity and knowledge, we easily identify bottlenecks and develop practical solutions that are pertinent, forward-looking and cost-effective.

More than 90% of companies are paying too much

RJ Consulting is an expert in cost control and reduction for waste disposal and recycling. If we can’t save you money, then you won’t owe us a dime. In fact, there’s ….

  • No upfront fee
  • No capital outlay
  • No time wastage by staff

So, are you trashing away your profits? Worry no more! Our innovative strategies can help you get control of your waste and recycling, ensuring you’re not paying any more than you should. From commercial, municipal, industrial, mining, agricultural to hazardous waste, we build upon your internal efforts by adding a fresh perspective and employing our industry expertise to work for you.


Our resource management strategies are designed to conserve, protect, sustain, and restore the environment.  We provide economically viable and environmentally sound solutions for all our clients.

By utilizing RJ Consulting’s services, businesses can focus on their core affairs while we take care of this exhausting and time consuming task. We are independent waste consultant: We don’t haul, pick up solid waste or own trucks.