East Coast Fixed Price Electricity

The simplest way to manage your energy budget is to have a plan that offers you a predictable price. RJ Consulting’s Fixed Price product offers certainty and stability because your price remains constant for the duration of your contract. It’s the perfect choice for a real competitive advantage when prices rise.
Our Fixed Price product provides:

  • A single price for your defined timeframe
  • Zero exposure to rising prices
  • Predictable costs for confident budget management
  • Expert advice from RJ Consulting about the best times to lock-in your fixed price

Indexed Price Electricity

Flexibility is the idea behind our Indexed Price product. We provide your electricity supply at a competitive rate that is linked to a transparent, published wholesale market index that will be agreed to upfront. At your request, we will analyze your usage profile and create a plan that enables you to shift to a fixed price plan once the market reaches a price you choose.
Our Indexed Price product provides:

  • The ability to take advantage of falling market prices
  • The option to switch to our Fixed Price product at any time
  • Increased flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions