RJ Consulting is an independent unbiased consultant of deregulated energy–both electricity and natural gas. As a full-service energy consulting firm, we offer a range of energy procurement solutions designed to help you maximize your potential in the energy markets. Our services incorporate:

  • Energy price management
  • Customized procurement strategies
  • Natural gas and electricity supply management
  • Current market intelligence

Using a proactive and managed approach to purchasing energy, and a back office contract workflow control system, we assist businesses drive down usage and energy costs.

Poor energy procurement decisions are costly. Unlike other companies, we continually monitor and evaluate your energy procurement plan in light of the changes in the dynamic energy market, and lead you to a solution that fully delivers the best value for your energy dollar.


When looking for an economical and energy-efficient solution to your natural gas and electricity needs, trust RJ Consulting for the best alternatives. We build and deliver the most inexpensive energy supply arrangements tailored to your business objectives.

With their expertise, our consultants will help you prepare, select and negotiate supplier contracts. From sourcing utility contracts, solving supplier issues to cutting energy consumption, they research the competitive energy market to bring you the most value for your unique situation.

Every procurement strategy is based on our in-depth market intelligence and the large base of competitive energy suppliers that we work with. Wonder why large energy consumers look to us for natural gas and electricity procurement as well as management of their energy supply?

Well, our market experts leverage our analytical tools, variable price discovery tactics and transparent sourcing events to provide you with the best alternative; thus allowing you to make the best business decision.

We know when to buy and when not to buy; we can balance smarter supply with reduced demand. Our energy consultants work hard for your best interests, upholding and fostering strong relationships with energy utilities and certified suppliers.

Indeed, the current electricity and natural gas markets are highly complex and volatile. RJ Consulting will provide valuable insights and data on energy costs, contract status and overall market intelligence, helping you make timely and more informed decisions.

Are you shopping offers, seeking quick quotes or working parallel to your consultant? Thing is, you are probably restricting yourself and suppliers from bidding to serve your energy needs.

If you are truly serious about capitalizing on the dynamic market and flexible prices, we can help with the energy sourcing options, risk tolerance and taking control of your electricity and natural gas costs.