September 2017 Energy Report

This email contains the month over month comparison of energy prices as well as the monthly commodity settlement prices. If you have any questions about your energy and waste portfolio or for an invoice and energy audits, price quotes for natural gas, electricity or waste, please contact RJ Consulting today.

Natural Gas

For the second month in a row, the settlement price for the promote month stayed below $3/Dth. The September 2017 contract settled at $2.961/Dth, down $0.02/Dth from the August 2017 contract. With the damage Hurricane Harvey had in Texas, it looks like most of the supply impact fell on gasoline prices since the damage from the storm shut down the refineries. With summer temperatures almost behind us, the gas market should remain flat for the trading month of October 2017. Right now, we are currently in a backwardation market when the futures price is below the spot price for a particular commodity. A contango situation the futures price (or forward price) of a commodity is higher than the spot price. If we experience a cold winter, the contango market will become the future. My projection for the October 2017 settle is between $2.90/Dth to $3.10/Dth.

Heating Problems

With night time temps getting to the low 40’s in some areas, this should be a good reminder the heating season is right around the corner. The utility company offers rebates and incentives that can help offset the cost of equipment replacement along with financing and other tools to help fix problems. If you have any questions about the utility programs and incentives; we would be glad to discuss solutions in more detail.

Please contact RJ Consulting if you would like to review your energy and waste portfolio. If you have any feedback or suggestions to the monthly emails, please share!

September 2017 Energy Report




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