Energy markets today have become volatile and complicated. Many factors affect market prices. You can’t control the market, but you can manage your risks. If your company seeks more predictable energy costs and a fully integrated natural gas solution that doesn’t require your constant attention, consider having the professionals at RJ Consulting manage buying your natural gas, making it simpler and more cost-stable.

Fixed Price

The simplest way to manage your energy budget is to have a plan that offers you a predictable price. A Fixed Price product offers budget certainty and stability because you are guaranteed a fixed price. It’s the perfect choice for a real competitive advantage in a volatile market.

Our Fixed Price product provides:

  • Single price for your defined timeframe
  • Zero exposure to rising prices
  • Predictable costs for confident budget management

NYMEX Plus Basis

Two supply components make up a large portion of your natural gas costs – the commodity cost and the transportation, or “basis” cost. If you anticipate declining market prices, but still want to lock-in a portion of your natural gas costs, you should consider purchasing the NYMEX Plus Basis product. This product allows you to fix your transportation “basis” cost while allowing you to be at market for the price of natural gas. This product is not for everyone and requires RJ Consulting monitor the NYMEX market and make recommendations on when to lock or when to float.

Our NYMEX Plus Basis product provides:

  • Fixed cost for delivering your natural gas to your utility company (called Basis), eliminating exposure to rising prices
  • Opportunity to take full advantage of falling natural gas prices
  • The option to lock-in parts of your natural gas usage at no cost

Full Requirements – Full requirements means that one price covers each cost associated with utility city gate delivery on all gas burned. You will not be surprised with added fees or charges. The final delivery to your burner tip through your utility’s distribution pipelines is a separate charge from your utility.


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